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About Me

 I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I am a wife and proud mother of two amazing young boys. My previous work experience as a Medical Radiologic Technology has taught me many useful skills. I learned a good amount about human anatomy, the importance of safety and showing compassion when working with patients. All these skills also apply when working with my clients. I became a certified personal trainer because of my passion for fitness. I am a committed person with strong work ethics. I gain tremendous satisfaction in helping people to achieve their goals. Let me help you achieve your goals too.
W.I.T.S. (Certified Personal Trainer)
NASM (Women's Fitness Specialist)
USA Weightlifting Coaching
AFAA (Kickboxing: Skills and Drills)

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Based on my clients needs, I will customize individual plans to achieve their goals. This includes total body strength training and nutrition coaching

Pregnancy Fit

It is proven that exercise has beneficial effects on the physiology and health of both the mother and the developing fetus.  I can work with you to stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy.


Our Testimonials

I worked with Joelma for over a year. During this time I benefited from Joelma’s expertise and her continual journey towards excellence in providing me with an overall healthy lifestyle program of physical, emotional and spiritual growth that has exceeded my personal needs. Joelma always is putting into action the benefits of her learning through her fitness programs and communication.

Reed Ericson

As a mom of two, I am constantly on the go focusing on my kids that I forget about taking care of myself. I would always say I am too tired to workout.  It became one excuse after another.  I realized something needed to change, especially when a simple thing like walking up a flight of stairs caused me to be out of breath.  Going to the gym is not for me.  If you are looking for a personal trainer that is extremely professional, dedicated and passionate then look no further.  Joelma inspired me not to give up and put my health first so I can be the best mom to my kids.  With her guidance, personalized workout plans and nutrition tips, I am super excited on this new journey to a better version of me.

Josephine Agostinelli

Joelma has changed my body, my mind, and everything I knew previously about working out.  Always a professional, very understanding with schedules and very knowledgeable.  I highly recommend working out with her.

Raul Yas

I started working out with Joelma since the gyms closed from the pandemic.  I never saw results from working out at the gym like I had with Joelma.  Her workouts are creative, fun and challenging.  She ensures every exercise is executed in the correct form and alignment.  She adjusts and modifies if needed.  She motivates, encourages and pushes me to achieve the goals we have set as a team.

Poliena Gonzalez
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